Creepy Things That Could Live In Your Air Ducts

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As the spooky season is about to start, there is much more to be terrified about at home rather than ghosts and souls. You may hear strange noises from your ducts, but it is not what you are thinking. Many other spooky things could have existed inside your duct for so long. These unwanted guests, like pests and molds, bacteria, and more, could be more dangerous than you thought. While some of the dust and debris your air duct system circulates in your home may be visible to you, what you cannot see could be even more terrifying. With the fast-approaching spooky seasons, Air Duct Cleaning Company in Los Angeles got you covered with the creepy things lurking inside your air ducts. These mainly include the following:

  • Pests

Cockroaches, spiders, and mice can all find comfort in the ducts over time. Air duct holes and gaps can result from rodents chewing through your ductwork. It may result in air leaks, which increase your heating and cooling costs and make your HVAC system work harder. Bugs and their droppings also spread various airborne bacteria, pathogens, and illnesses. These allergens can wreak havoc on the air quality within your home, cause allergic reactions, and even set off asthma episodes. Check your ductwork for pests if you notice a bad smell or hear continual scuttling around your house.

  • Mold

The fungus known as mold travels through the air through mold spores. It can begin growing in any area of your house with just the appropriate amount of moisture and some fertilizers. Because of the cold air that travels through or the significant vapor content of the outdoor, unfiltered air, mold might develop in your ductwork or air ducts. Additionally, if the ducts have not been cleaned, mold may be able to obtain nutrients from the dust, filth, and pet dander that has been left behind. Since the ductwork is where your air is circulated, mold growth can be extremely unsettling. For those with allergies or asthma, excessive mold exposure might have negative health effects. 

  • Moisture

Although moisture itself may not be very creepy, it can cause other spooky things like mold and mildew to form inside the ducts and around your vents. If you reside in an unusually humid place, or your home has unclean air filters, inadequate insulation, or clogged ducts, condensation may enter your ducts. By changing your air filter, clearing any blocked air vents, and ensuring you have adequate insulation, you can prevent moisture from entering your air ducts.

  • Bacteria & Viruses

Most bacteria and viruses can only endure for a few days without a host. However, in other settings, they can endure for longer periods. Your air filter should prevent these organic contaminants from entering the air. Even though it is essentially undetectable to the unaided eye, it is nonetheless present. Consider installing air filtration equipment in your home to obtain the purest indoor air. Thanks to this, your family will continue to breathe clean air, which will help alleviate your mind. The bacteria and viruses that live in air ducts can grow and spread infection more easily when there is poor or stagnant air movement.

In your home, air ducts play a crucial role. They maintain comfort throughout the year by moving air from the heating and cooling systems through all of the rooms in the house. The air ducts may fill up with undesired materials if they are neglected. When you switch on the HVAC system, it circulates pollutants, which affects both the health of your family members and the comfort of your home. You should regularly clean and maintain the ductwork to avoid pollutant buildup. There is so much more to worry about your ducts as the creepy things might be lurking in your home. Here are some benefits of air duct cleaning and air duct maintenance that will convince you even more why you should have one for your home.

  • It eliminates awful odors
  • It will boost your HVAC system’s efficiency
  • Your indoor air quality will improve
  • You will maintain a clean environment
  • It helps eliminate irritants
  • Keeps your home safe
  • Air filters will last long
  • Your HVAC unit’s service life will prolong

In essence, your home’s entire airstream passes through the ducts numerous times each day. The air that circulates throughout your ducts is the same air that fills your home completely and that you and your family breathe. You, therefore, want the air to be as safe as possible. So to successfully attain one for you and your home, you can have your air duct cleaned and maintained well. While cleaning, you might find mold, dead animals, and animal droppings. If you choose to do your duct cleaning, you risk causing damage that will restrict airflow and reduce your unit’s effectiveness. Moreover, cleaning it could take longer that you will not have enough time to prepare for the Halloween, and you might not have access to all of the ductwork’s concealed areas. You must also put on protective clothing for the job to keep dust and other toxins out of your airways. Hence, if you’re not used to doing such things, get help from an expert.

You can rely on certified professionals to be qualified to address your air duct needs. Once you have them, you can be assured that you and duct are well served and accommodated by certified people. When you hire a professional duct cleaner, the expert will search the ductwork for any additional problems. They will look for leaks, rust, cracks, and loose connections in the ducts. When it’s required to increase the effectiveness of your unit, the expert will also insulate the ducting. Any further flaws with your HVAC system that you had not previously noticed can be swiftly found and fixed by a professional. They will lubricate moving parts, change or clean the air filters, and make sure everything else functions properly. Fixing small problems now will help avoid future, more serious damage.

For the best air duct cleaning and maintenance this spooky season, have them from us at Air Duct Cleaning Los Angeles. Rest assured that we will not waste your time and money. We are a team of certified professionals who will expertly address your need for a clean, safe air duct for your home. Other than that, we also offer quality ac service and maintenance and many other HVAC services you’ll be happy to avail yourself of.

In order for you to have safe air at home, have your air ducts cleaned and maintained by us at Air Duct Cleaning Los Angeles today. Get in touch with our team of professionals so we can book you an appointment this season.

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