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Over time, every home needs professional HVAC cleaning since the ducts get clogged and begin spreading mildew, mold, fungus, and a variety of bacteria all over the house. The numbers have it that indoor air is polluted 2-5 times more than outdoors. While it is an alarming number, this fact is especially dangerous for people who suffer from allergies or have sensitive health, for young children, and elderly people in particular since about 50% of all common illnesses are caused by the bad quality of indoor air.

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Why choose HVAC vent cleaning with us?

HVAC air duct cleaning allows preventing microbial growth in your vents and housing in general. The service also removes any clogs, dirt, dust, flakes of foreign matter (skin, food leftovers, small particles, etc.) from the ductwork hence improving the speed and quality of the circulating air. Besides that, cleaner and hence wider ducts help to save on utility bills. So with our team of furnace duct cleaning you get:

  • Expertise. We have been working in the market of HVAC and AC duct cleaning for over a decade. Today we know it all about the newest HVAC systems, components, and techniques for cleaning.

  • Certification. We are NADCA certified and refresh our certification annually for all employees.

  • Safety. Before the team begins AC cleaning service you and your home dwellers will be instructed about the process and safety measures. On top of that, we also get insurance for both our workers and your home from any accidents that might happen in the cleaning process.

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After all, we are aware of the importance of our work as fresh air is vital for normal living in residential buildings.
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Any ventilation systems need regular maintenance. Long-term operation of ventilation systems leads to their inevitable contamination. So, inside the ducts, on the blades of the fans and other parts, a plaque consisting of grease and dust is formed. And as we all know very well, such an environment is excellent for breeding different types of bacteria and fungi. It should be understood that the majority of bacteria enter our premises through the ventilation system. Therefore, it is necessary to conduct its regular diagnostics and cleaning.
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